Super Mario – the star of SALSA LIVE festival 2019

Super Mario has been well known at the international salsa scene for many years. He’s valued especially for his unparalleled leading technique, infinite repertory of combinations and an uncanny ability to pass that knowledge to others. His workshops are extremely popular not only in Britain, but in as far away regions as Australia, Japan and the United States.
Mario, also known as the Million Moves Man, made his name by his smooth style, endless and unique combinations as well as his amazing presence on the dance floor. His dance style is fast and smooth, and at the same time, leaves both partners enough space for improvisation.
Today, Mario spends almost every weekend outside London, teaching at congresses and workshops. He specializes in the crossbody style, both on1 and on2, paying particular attention to combinations, with an emphasis on the correct leading technique.

February 11, 2019

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