Eryk is a co-founder of La Clave dance school in Katowice, Poland. He is also a choreographer and a founder of a dance group Clave Koksy which performed on many festivals in Poland (e.g. El Sol, Festival Cubano, Calle de Timberos, Carnaval Cubano) and abroad. He loves Cuban music and culture with his whole heart, especially its purest form.
During his classes, he pays special attention to teaching self-awareness in dance: the precision of movement, understanding of the intention of gestures, emotional expression. Most importantly, however, he aims at teaching his students how to find sheer happiness in every moment of dancing. The leading idea of his classes is “quality, not quantity”.
Eryk’s dancing style reflects his thorough knowledge of both, dance and music. His repertoire encompasses all the Cuban dance genres and more: from the folklore, rumba, bailes populares, bailes de salon, bailes campesinos, to the contemporary moves of reggaeton or timba. Being an expert in so many areas, he is capable of combining them into harmonious and creative ways of expression with mesmerising technique.
Together with his dance partner, Martyna, Eryk has been sharing his love to dance by teaching and performing on some of the best Polish and foreign festivals: Festival de Guaguancó (Barcelona, Lloret de Mar, Spain), Timbachata (Gran Canaria, Spain), Cuban All Stars (Bulgaria, Tunesia, Greece), Cubaila (Vienna), Salsa Paradies (Germany), Salsa Live (Czech Republic), Loco London Salsa (United Kingdom).
When asked about role models, Eryk does not name any particular artist. In his view, every dancer has a unique, distinctive value, so the inspiration is all around. What he appreciates the most though, is a strong foundation of old, traditional school of Cuban dances. This is where everything began and developing one’s unique style should start from there.
1st place – 2015 Rumba y Candela (Strassbourg, France): Rumba Columbia
1st place – 2014 Festival de Guaguancó (Barcelona, Spain): Rumba Columbia
1st place – 2011 Primavera Salsa Open (Chorzów, Poland): Casino (couples)
1st place – 2011 Primavera Salsa Open (Chorzów, Poland): Rueda de Casino
1st place – 2012 Tirate un Paso (Kraków, Poland): Reggaeton Contest
The first Pole to be awarded by the Polish Academy of Cuban Culture (Polska Akademia Kultury Kubańskiej) for his engagement and passion in popularizing the Cuban culture (2015)
Solo performance in La Culpa – the biggest Polish-Cuban choreography created by Anna Zaj